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We’ve been there.

As experienced industry professionals, we understand, and have lived through, all of the operating struggles from renter acquisition, to client relations, and staff management. We know that every dollar counts when it comes to operating expenses and that streamlined efficiency and smart budgeting can make or break a lease-up. That’s why we built a fully-integrated platform that addresses the pain points of renters AND property managers starting with leasing through move-outs.

More Renters

With Cocoon, you can maximize your rental audience through our security deposit and lease insurance program while lowering your risk for delinquencies. Renters have fewer hurdles to overcome and you can welcome them with peace of mind.

Asset Protection

Leases signed through Cocoon are bundled with Cocoon Renter’s Insurance. This means that you can offer your renters affordable, high-quality liability and personal property insurance all in one place. This protects your assets and your resident’s belongings.

Competitor Analysis

Your customized PM dashboard will allow you to take the reigns on your brand presence. Here, you will see how your property or portfolio stack up against competitors. You will receive real-time insights into prospect behaviors, such as keyword searches, bounces, and clicks as they engage with properties within your market. We’ll serve as an extension of your current marketing team.

How It Works


Jane searches for places to live.


Your awesome property appears.

(of course)

Jane likes what she sees, applies, & qualifies.

(within minutes)

She signs a lease with Renter’s Insurance & a security deposit.


Jane takes a celebratory selfie in her new apartment.

Want to see what happens behind the scenes?

Leasing Fluidity

Zero-Disruption Leasing ™ makes signing a no-brainer.

We provide smart and secure leasing tools integrated with the insurance products renters need most.

Conversion Ratio 0%

Cost Per Lead Compared to Other ILS 0%

Market Exposure

Get featured on our SEO optimized ILS with real-time rates and availability.

Real Time Data

Track your conversions, renter behavior, and market survey whenever you need it in your comprehensive Cocoon dashboard.

Integrated Leasing

The entire leasing process in one place: from getting insurance, paying a security deposit, and signing a lease.

Optimized Marketing

Robust marketing tools reach renters where they are, across all platforms and media.

Whichever way you want to drive your lease-up:

Collaborative & Hands-Free Solutions

Manual Package

Ideal For Single-Property

$ xxx


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Cruise-Control Package

Ideal For Multiple-Property Owners

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Self-Driving Package

Ideal For Multi-Property & Multi-Market Owners



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Your tailored marketing plan will include everything you need
at a cost that won’t break your budget.


Advertising Solutions That Work

Cocoon users get market-driven, user behavior data that informs a successful lease-up.

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